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Blue Crown Aquatic Trade Shipment Thanksgiving Sale!!

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Hey guys we are having a Thanksgiving sale on our Facebook right now with some pretty good deals so come check it out!


What's on the sale post right now is high quality imported Neocaridinas, Taiwan Bees, and Fancy Tigers.


Limited Quantity !!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



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Safari line (lower grade)



Group Shot: These are the lower grade safari lines


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Hoping there will be, it's a mix batch that we are planning on getting. There is even one or two that have some solid yellow on them as well which was pretty weird.

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Sorry Wygglz no Aura blue atm, too expensive. Tom Cruise not yet since we are still figuring some details out with our Germany Contact. The Safari line and such will probably be private sales though and may not be listed on our Website.

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