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Can these shrimp be helped?


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So am I in a position to help my shrimp?  Or do I just wait until the CPDs have passed away?


I have a 9 gallon Aquastyle tank (12x12x14).  It has an upright chunk of wood, one large rock & various small stones as structure.  There are various plants whose names escape me- I know there are a few stems (repens?) that grown to the top; there is a red crypt (?) that goes about half way up; dwarf lettuce floaters that cover at least half the surface; a few little blyxa japonica and lots of moss.  I consider it to be pretty well planted.


Living in this tank are 7 CPDs (Celestial Pearl Danios), 2 otos, a decreasing number of snails, and 6 struggling neo shrimp.  Three of the shrimp are full grown females and at least as large as the CPDs.  The other 3 are a 1/2 inch or so long and brand new to the tank. 


Over the past 6 months or so I have had more than 12 shrimp added to the tank, with only the 3 large ones managing to stay alive.  I have come to the realization that  the CPDs must be killing them off.  What do you think?  My water tests out good at the LFS.  PH is only 6.5-6.8 though.  Kh is 3 & Gh is 6.


The shrimp, when I see them, are usually on the moss although the 3 large girls venture out & about on occasion.  I have never seen them bothered.  I have caught sight of the 3 new ones only occasionally since I put them in on Wednesday.  The CPDs spend a majority of their time hiding in the back corner in part of the moss.  I have also seen one or two ghosting through the bottom of the other section of moss.  There seem to be 3 bold ones that cruise the open spaces of the tank.


So there's the situation.  I have no place for another small tank for the shrimp or else I would do that.  I feel terrible that I created a situation that may be inherently deadly for the shrimp (even though I have never seen them bothered by the fish).  Can anyone think of something I can do to increase the odds of the shrimps' survival?  I've thought maybe a rocky cave-ish area, or even just piling in more moss.  But the fish can pretty much go wherever the shrimp can go!  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Shrimp are very vulnerable while moulting and after moulting so perhaps your fish are picking on them at this time, this is something I caught fish doing to shrimp when I first started out..Atleast now you know for next time that to fully enjoy shrimp and to watch them flourish and not stress them out its best to keep them in a shrimp only tank. Only thing you can do is create alot more places to hide like dense moss where the fish can;t get through, but the shrimp can...Good Luck!

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I did this with a betta tank. My fish left the shrimp completey alone but I noticed one by one they disappeared. I realized my sweet betta was just waiting til the shrimp molted then snacking. I felt horrible but we all make mistakes, especially in the beginning.

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One of the frustrating parts is that the CPDs are so small!  The mouths on those fish are tiny, and I really didn't think anything but baby shrimp would be in danger.  :(


Yep, you tend to hear about these shrimps being eaten stories by CPDs all the time. Such timid fish, with a sweet tooth for molting shrimp. Really any fish would like to snack on live food (except otos). 

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