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Acrylic shrimp caves


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I have some leftover 1" clear acrylic tubing from an art project, and after some shrimpy inspiration, I think I'll cut it up to use as shrimp caves.

I'm thinking to do 4" segments for $3 each + $3 flat shipping. I'll post a picture once I cut some for my own tanks.

I have LOTS of tubing, so I'll do custom lengths too, make an offer!

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Yes please post pictures. I'm interested

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This is a 4” segment, I'll try and get some pictures of the shrimp using it this weekend.



can you do 8 inches?

what would the be total for 2?

I sure can! Does $13 shipped sound good?

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being in the arts, I have to ask. Are we able to see you art project? :)

Not the best thing I've made, but I was trying to make some glow wands; I have a video here: http://ask-the-warden-irl.tumblr.com/post/101704617277/i-made-a-rainbow-i-build-stuff-like-this#notes

My main work is costumes.

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