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Please see this amazing picture album...

Shrimp lady

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Type in a Google as I can't find the direct link and is posted on this board www.aquapetz.com 

Its titled;       "biggest pet shop of the world with Chris Lukhaup"

You will see, aquapetz.com/viewtopic.php

just below this search result. This place is located in Duisburg, Germany

It's a long and very amazing photo gallery with all sorts of aquatics including very cool Sulawesi shrimps and amazing close-ups of Rabbit snails that look like prehistoric elephants!

Lots of other pics as well including an outdoor sancuary for Monkey's birds and other critter-like things!


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wohoooooo i live only 2 hours driving from the location!!!!!!! (i live in the netherlands :P)

i know where im going in couple of months !!!!!!

thanks for this information mate ;)

My buddy is stationed in the Netherlands, how's the shrimping scene over there? Ive been trying to get him to get a tank but have no idea where to get stuff.

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what for stuff do you mean/want? 


how i bought 1 of my taiwan bee tank and setup:


1. bought an aquarium on marktplaats (secondhand aquariums :P)

2. bought plants, akadama, oxydator, dennerle shrimpking complete, so on on my local pet store (i higly recommend dennerle shrimpking complete)

3. bought EC-meter, beeshrimp GH+, CSF-food, mineralstone, leaves, and couple more little things from onlineaquariumspullen.nl

4. bought my leaves from garnalenhuis.nl ,( I had trown the leaves from onlineaqua....... away due to it was moldy/mouldy.)

5. now the shrimps, bought my shrimps from a local breeder he has 1 of his room completely covered with shrimptanks.... he had everything from super crystal shrimps to completely shadow panda :)

i found him from marktplaats but you can also try from facebook groups like garnalen@sale, garnalenmarktplaats

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