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King Kong jungle


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Most the shrimp in this tank are Extreme Black King Kong with no stripes on the body, the ones with stripes range from King Kong to Panda shrimp.


Thanks . I'm not familiar with King Kongs.  I have seen them listed but n familiar with them .


Are they in the Caridina family , how do you keep them as far as temp, etc ?

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Happy holidays to you too, glad to hear they are doing ok. When I first got mine it took a while then they start breeding once they settled down.

Hardiness is what I aim for when breeding shrimp, everything else comes after. I don't have any bacterial infection in my tanks but I would like to hear about your success on beating it, if you don't mind post it here so other members benefit from it.

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Yes they are Caridina shrimp, you can keep them in the same water parameters as Crystal red shrimp, lower temperature and soft acidic water.

Thanks . I find the King Kong and Hulk shrimps confusing as they come in different colors which resemble other shrimp  .  For example I saw King Kongs in black/white whch to me looked like Black crystal.

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