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wine red x black king kong


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+1 soothing.


Hulk is kinda that great white whale, I haven't been in the community very long but my eyes have been very open. I've yet to see a green hulk as depicted in illustrations and descriptions or even a stable line for that matter. I have about a dozen blue jellys and they darkend up to a very dark blue almost black and turn into shadow pandas. You are able to still pick them out sometimes next to a true shadow panda depending on the lighting in your tank but as far as green hulks go, you find them... let me know!!! haha


Just going to have to keep breeding mass colonies and hope for mutations and pick them out and run with them! If I had to guess a stable green hulk coloration may come down the line soon thru Aura Blue tigers and TB cross. Exciting time to be a shrimper

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