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sooo excited after months of deaths in my tank I have a berried one

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I just set up a 10 gallon tank back at the beginning of Dec and it was fully cycled by 20th, so I popped in my remaining 2 Pinto Mischlings and went out an bought a few snow whites and mosura to keep them company.  I have noticed molts over the last few days (great sign) and when I turned the lights on this am my shrimps were all buzzing around the tank like moths.


I just added a few more red and black Pinto Mischlings and BKKs to the tank to help get things rolling.  I just found one of my snow white gals berried and out in the open munching away on the sponge filter.  

Guess they like this tank a lot better than the last one.


I think the father might be one of my Pinto Mischlings as they are definitely males.

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thanks guys. It was a lot of heartache losing my beautiful red fancy titaibees.  Im starting back from scratch again so hoping this time I can keep them all alive.  So far I am seeing at least one molt a day in my tank.  I don't have a lot of females, but hoping the ones I do have are the ones molting.  Picked up a lot of juvenile black/red spotted headed mischlings to grow up in this tank too....so far they all seem to like it as I see them on the driftwood and sponge filters.

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