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my RCS is turning lime green


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I brought 10 RCS about 5 months ago and they are breeding wonderfully. and I notices last night that I have a large RCS about 1 inch in length. but on closer inspection I see that the belly is turning a lime green its not berried. Also the front part of the shrimp around the eye area is turning green too, like if moss was growing on it. its starting to look fuzzy.

any one ever heard of this?

Perhaps today ill see if I can get a photo of my fuzzy green RCS

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Isolate it ASAP until you get that pic to show us.  Get as close up as possible.


If it is that dreaded green fungus (some think parasite), you have the option of treating your one shrimp and hoping for the best, or treating your entire tank as breeders overseas are now suggesting.


If it does turn out to be Achlya or Saprolegnia, B&K #3 suggests treatment of malachite green oxalate.

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BTW, that is what B&K #3 recommends.  I don't have first hand experience doing it.


This person uses it for fish and it does not affect his shrimp: http://www.fishchannel.com/freshwater-aquariums/aquarium-care/ich-treatment.aspx


Others say they think it would cause deaths. Hard too know what is hearsay and what is truth.  As said, it's what B&K #3 recommends.  That's all I know. :(

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I found this:


"With sensitive fish (such as Clown Loaches) it is imperative that you are careful with most ich treatments. Malachite Green is more dangerous to these fish, however if used in a buffered form such as ParaGuard or Medicated Wonder Shells it is less toxic. You may also use Triple Sulfa at the same time to further buffer the MG (I and many of my colleagues have used this method considerably for Clown Loaches, Elephant Nose, ect. with good results). Another VERY important aspect that is often forgotten is that Malachite Green is much more toxic at lower pH (especially on the acid side of the pH algorithm). Calcium is VERY important to buffer this as well (calcium also improves osmoregulation, see this article: http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/... )
Malachite Green is generally safe (long as it is zinc free) for shrimp, crabs, & snails. Be careful with Copper though

You should not have any problems with your bio filtration as it would take massive doses of MG to affect the primarily gram positive nitrifying bacteria. Methylene Blue, Tetracycline, Erythromycin and others that are primarily gram positive are more dangerous to your bio filter. "




Unfortunately, my chemistry knowledge sucks, so someone else may have to help if you have questions regarding that.

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