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So, My shrimp didn't seem terribly interested in my shrimp food (ebi dama, and mosura brood care), this is honestly probably because Ive got plenty of biofilm and some algae, but I am paranoid and don't want them to starve... so I ordered a bunch of other types of food just to see if they would like something...


Among those purchased was a snowflake type food.     It was a little pellet, I'm unfamiliar with snowflake food.. but when I dropped it in, it exploded into a million little fluffy flakes (I guess that explains the name, huh?)      I wasn't expecting that.    Am I supposed to leave this in there and just let them go at it when they want, or should I try to suck out the uneaten after a few hours or what?

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Leave it in.


I never seen mine grow fungus when tank was populated so if you see fungus development and is growing faster than shrimp can eat, you may remove it and next time add a lot less.


Some people use snowflake as vacation food if they're gone for a week or so.

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It is designed to be left in. I usually break the pellet into a third or fourth of the size.

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