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Selling off Stuff as my old employeer fired my wife for me leaving for a new job


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ALSO have EHEIM 2215 and 2217 Make offer on them.  If the price is right I will add brand new filter pads and media


Aqua Music Glass Bubble Counter $7

KIP D242060-0241 3 watt 3 Way Solenoids *New* - $13 each / 7 available SOLD
These require a 1/8" MNPT plug in the top to work as a 2 way solenoid

Clippard ET-2M-24  with SMC 200 metering valve $35

Peter Laden CSF - EdgeOmni Pro 100G $28 that is almost half off   SOLD

Peter Laden CSF - Bee Fruit 100g $39   1/3 off normal price    SOLD

Peter Laden CSF -  Hokkaido (Pumpkin)  100g $25    1/3 off normal price   SOLD

Peter Laden CSF  - Macro Pro 35G $10    SOLD

Peter Laden CSF  - Berg Power Mix (Mountain Power Mix)– 100g $28   SOLD

Peter Laden CSF - Bee Shrimp Mix 100G $28   SOLD

BeniBachi CRS Gold  Food - $12 5 pieces missing

BeniBachi Golden Eye Tiger Food – $10 ¾ of the bag left

Lowkeys Ebi210!  -  90 gram bag 8 pieces missing $15

Shrimp Daddy - Revive Minerals 90% full - $15    SOLD

Shrimp Daddy- Revive Vivace  90% full $15    SOLD

Shrimp Daddy Revive Bianco Both alpha and beta  brand new $18 SOLD

Glasgarten Baby food with scoop ¾ full 76g food -  $20

Borneo Wild Shield 60g half full $7

IAL Concentrated Tea bags 13 - $10  These are great to naturally treat bacterial infections or to give off allot of Fluvic acid

SL Aqua Vitality 1 bag $3 or will throw in for the first order over $35   SOLD

50 Tourmaline Mineral Balls (small) -  $20   SOLD

25 Porphyries Andesite Mineral Balls small  - $10   SOLD

All organic fresh Barley 100G -  $12

Full container of Caridinex Spinach Cubes - $10  SOLD

Nutrifin African Cichlid remineralizer used to remineralize GH.  Used all over Taiwan for bee shrimp 250ML $9.00 have 2  SOLD

MK Breed Blue diamond GH remineralizer 250 ML  $15 have 2   SOLD

Flourish Trace 500ML 1 full  7.50 other ¾ full $5

New Era Discus Pellets 300g ¾ full $12

2 Glass Aqua Music 13mm intake Lily pipes $10 each

Also 1 bag 90% Full Aqua Eden Green Food  $9.00 SOLD

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I was just thinking about where you were a couple of days ago. Sorry to hear, things will only get better, stay positive my friend.

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I was getting ready to place a shrimpy daddy order anyway Steve.    I might as well order yours and help you out.  I know what its like to stress about downgrading  income coming into the home.  Ill take the Alpha and Beta.    Just got the minerals and vivace restocked at xmas so I dont need those.    



OH Ill take the shield too.  

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