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FS: Neo/CRS/Amano

OMG Aquatics

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Pictures will be coming shortly


Fire Red Shrimp : $3 each


Orange Shrimp : $3 each


Yellow Shrimp : $3 each


Blue Rili Shrimp : $3 each


Blue Velvet Shrimp : $4 each


Red Cherry Shrimp : $1 each



Amano Shrimp : $2 each




CRS SSS : $6 each

CRS SS : $5 each




USPS Priority Mail $7 - $20

USPS Express Mail $25 - $45

Insulation/Heat pack $2 each


Live Arrival Guarantee
100% Live Arrival Guarantee on EVERY order if the following conditions are met :
Package must be delivered on first delivery attempt and within 5 days.
A clear photo of unopened breather bag next to my shipping label within 2 hours of delivery confirmation must be sent to my email
We will send replacement or offer store credit/refund for the deceased shrimp.
If temperatures are below 40F and requires a transit time of more than 2 days, Hold for Pickup option must be selected.
Packages shipped via Hold for Pickup must be picked up on first available pick up date. Failure to do so voids Live Arrival Guarantee.

PM me if interested.

Please provide zip code and what you want for shipping quote.

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