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Hello from Canada


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Hello all, glad to have found this forum.


I will take some time to look and do some reading for sure.


I currently have 2  10 gallon freshwater tanks going and 1 5 gallon pico saltwater going.


I have in my one tank Fire Red Cherry Shrimp, and in the other in a few days will have some Indian Zebra Shrimp.


I also keep 2 L046 Zebra Plecos in the one tank and the other is my L260 Blue Panaque Pleco a couple small fish also in each tank.


I hope to be getting very soon some wild type bettas, I love my bettas but never had the wild kind and the Albimarginata (white seam) ones really interest me a great deal as they are mouthbrooders and you can keep males together in a tank for a nice display as well unlike the fancy bettas which I have a couple of them also in their own tanks.

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