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snail shells


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My bladder snails have been slowly deteriorating over time. Many of them are very pale now, and almost translucent. I have been finding many empty shells, though I was previously attributing them to amano shrimp predation (but maybe they were just eating already-dead snails). I honestly haven't cared much until this point, but now I have 4 new awesome nerite snails, and I want them to thrive. One came to me already with the tip of his shell missing and some pits, so I definitely don't want that to progress.


This is a planted 20gallon long with tapwater/Prime. The water is very hard, with low KH, and is at pretty much a neutral pH. Nitrates are less than 10. My Amano shrimp in this tank have been doing great for more than 9 months, molting regularly and without incident.


I'm stumped. Any ideas?

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This is what they look like. My ramshorn snails are also turning white :(


I'm thinking it must be diet, since it can't be the hard water.... right?


I guess I could make up some calcium-fortified snail jello and see what happens. I was honestly hoping that the nerites would outcompete the pest snails so their populations would dwindle, but if there is an underlying calcium issue I think my nerites will suffer too.


Unless... is there any chance the plants could be removing some critical nutrient/element from the water that the snails need too? It is a very densely planted tank, and I have been a bit negligent with my fertilization routine lately.



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Not sure what the problem is then.  Calcium (Ie. Tums) can be used to increase shell layering and strength.  Challenge is since they don't molt like shrimp, the old shell is not repaired from the outside, but rather from the inside.  The outside will look the same.


Also, any new growth on the shell appears around the lip.  So your new shell growth may be good after supplements.:)

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Yeah, I've never gotten nerites to eat anything other than algae and the occasional marimo (which is also really just algae). However, I've also never seen their shells pit like ramshorns' tend to do without supplemental calcium. I also always keep cuttlebone in my snail tanks.


Snello is a great choice for most other types of snails, though. One batch will probably keep you going for months.

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Temperature may play a role on snail shell as well I think.


I have some ramshorn in a tank that has temp flux and around 60-70 and feed calcium pellets 2-3x weekly and their shell looks really messed up.


I have some ramshorn in my guppy tank at 78-80F and their shell is really good looking and I don't even feed them. I feed my guppies bbs and golden pearls. NO CALCIUM.


Parameters in both tanks are the same except temp.

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