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Just a reminder. :)

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We have been getting some spam despite our updated spam filters.


Remember these spammers are doing this as a job for a living, 24/7 and they share with each other ways around auto-detects.


When we find them, we delete them as fast as we can and make sure the posters will not be able to post again.  However, as always, this forum is so successful because we pride ourselves on being family, and self policing to make as friendly an atmosphere as possible. :)


So, in the event a member finds spam before we do, please feel free to hit the "report" button beneath the post.  As soon as we see that, we'll come running ASAP.


All of you are very important to us!  Let's keep working together to make this a friendly, inviting and informative place to socialize. :thumbsu:

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Thanks Bryce, we all certainly appreciate you and the moderating team.

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