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I have a large enough colony to be able to offer some Green Jade Neocaridinas for sale


$8 each (for you shrimpspot.com members only!) 


They are juvies & young adults size, they are all showing good green coloring and in my experience the green gets deeper as they get older, and also the females show the best color of all


Shipping is $12 USPS Priority Mail with insulation, breather bag, moss and heat pack. Paypal accepted.


I have a limited number available so if you are interested, please try them out. They are 100% healthy, hardy and disease free shrimp.




Attached is a picture of a few juveniles and adults  :)


Also a second pic showing my crs but there are also a few green jades in that pic where you can see how dark green the females get at maturity



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98% the babies and juvies are green . So you can expect a very low cull rate


Here is a pic I just took of them eating, its not the best pic but the juvies are green. Once they are older, they will intensify and the females are the best colors of all...


So far I am very happy. I only found 2 shrimp that were bland color and they are still too small to breed so I will see what happens with them...


From my breeding group of adults 5 have turned out female and all of them are either berried, or saddled and just gave birth- and there are shrimplets everywhere. They are doing very well...


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