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WTB Foreground plant


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I had this anubias nana tied to driftwood with some Xmas moss. It was completely shaded out by a lily before I rescaped my 20L and grew completely fine, stayed very small- which was nice- and they bushed out very nicely, but here it is now:


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There are a few plants recommended for low light setups, and I have had the best results with Hemianthus micranthemoides (

) and Hydrocotyle tripartita (
). They grow quickly, even in low tech setups, which is great because they out-compete algae and are less susceptible to problems of that nature.


For some of the other plants, each had cons that make them worse than the other two previously mentioned when I grew them. 


Staurogynes repens - takes weeks to establish the proper root structure, and until then, experiences little to no growth. Highly susceptible to algae during this period, and not a true carpeting plant

Dwarf sag - doesn't grow as quickly as the recommended plants, and doesn't create as nice as a dense, foreground plant look. 

Monte carlo - grows extremely slowly in low tech tanks, though could likely be accelerated greatly with Excel/metricide.

Marsilea minuta - extremely slow growth, and might grow an unattractive long stem in low enough lighting 


If you were looking for species of the above, I do have some available.


if anyone has a generous size to sell me I would appreciate it.

I have low light. no CO2.

just soil topped with sand.


any ideas of what to get??

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