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Who needs pvc in Green? Black? Clear?...

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How much do y'all love me? LOL


I remembered a book I had read years ago on making furniture from pvc.  Turns out special parts from pvc are made for furniture that are not available in hardware stores.


So I thought, hey- why don't I see if I can find some online?  That may help some of our Shrimp Spot family for special builds.


So I found a place....and they had the unusual pvc parts....and they have them in colors as well!


Do you need an elbow molded throughout in green?  Clear? Black for a rack, or a variety of other colors for a relatively cheap price?




Heck, they even have a library of pvc furniture plans people have made for free!  Maybe we may be able to bastardize some for our needs?


Anyway, here's the link to the pvc- aka legos for adults. LOL



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You are very welcome! 


As an alternative, if someone has something already cut from plumbing pvc, they have sleeves that fit over the pipe to give the appearance of a color as well. 




  1. Slip the PipeSleeve over the pipe, then apply heat with a heat gun until completely shrunk.
  2. Cut away the excess and assemble.


Pro: It's cheaper. 


Con: It's not a color molded throughout, and not available for connections.



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Awesome find!


Alternatively, you can use Rit clothing dye powder ($1) to dye pvc any color you want.  Just boil water in an old pot on the stove, add the dye and pvc pieces and let it simmer for 20 mins.  Once you're satisfied with the color saturation, rinse it off and let it cool.  The color is permanent and doesn't come off in water.  Works great for smaller pieces but long pieces are of course difficult.

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