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how long to molt?


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How long should it take a shrimp to molt, from the time the shell behind the carapace opens up? Is it minutes. hours, days?


I just noticed one of my PFR adults got caught up in the outflow from my HOB filter, and it was so immobile that I thought it was dead. It landed on a leaf, and has not moved much in the last few minutes since. It's not dead, but it does have that gap, and the sides of the carapace seem to be flared a bit (can see in last photo)... so I think she may be trying to molt.





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I have seen them for a day, maybe more? with the shell crack. I think when you see them with the crack and they seem like they cannot move well, that's when the negative outcome happens. The one time I was lucky enough to witness a molt in action, it was just a few mintues from when I saw it 'fall' to the bottom, to when it emerged.


Just lost one last night to a failed molt (no crack when I found him immobile, tho)


I imagine water params have an effect on time to complete a molt, as well as perhaps size and maturity of shrimp.

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