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White Pearl palmata

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Most of my concentration for the past several years has been on neocaridinas.


For years I've been under the mistaken assumption that White Pearls are the same as Snowballs.


But guess what?  I learned otherwise.


There IS a distinction, but the name is often used interchangeably not knowing any better because genetically White Pearls are so rare to find as a strain.


The difference?


Snowball is see through.  The shell is flat clearish white.


White Pearl is a selectively bred strain from Snowball x Blue Pearl.  The result is a white see through shrimp that retains shine like a pearl.  (I'm unclear whether that may be because of an extremely light blue tint, or the way the light reflects of a glossy shell.)


Yet another good reason to keep your eyes and ears open about shrimp from other parts of the world. ;)

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Finding anything written on the differences is extremely difficult, and almost always in another language.


Check out what I just found, which I translated via google.






So although this sounds different from what I heard, it still is a confirmation that there is a difference.

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I've been thinking about this quite a bit, and maybe the two have a grain of commonality after all...

If bp x sb = selective wp, then it may be the same as what the chart is trying to say. You still have the f1, f2 whatever and as long as you don't selectively breed for clear, you should be able to maintain the shiny and white characteristics of white pearl.

I think I see a breeding project in my future. :D

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