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ATTN:SF BAY SHRIMPERS.MyRecommendations+Your Suggestions

Mr. F

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What's up TSS?

Currently living in Santa Cruz, CA, but I make weekly trips to San Francisco so I know there are a ton of great planted tank and fish stores up there, but I've yet to come across one with large stocks of shrimp or even moderate stock.

I always love stopping by AquaForestAquarium, ADA's US distributor, meaning they have the lowest possible prices on any ADA or DoAQUA stuff. Whenever I go, I grab some plants, ferts, maybe some hardscape, or the occasional microfish or nano tank accessory. They also always have a few variations of shrimp, Mostly A-S CRS, Fire red and yellow Neos, and amanos. I think I saw blue velvets ones. I've yet to shell out for a full ADA set up from there, but soon. :)

Also there's 6th Ave Aquarium. For those of you who know it, it's the one inside/behind the flower shop. Really cool place, extremely low prices on fish, inverts, plants, and hardware (fresh and salt) due to the volume they move. They also have shrimp, but they seem to transcend the storewide discounts and are similar prices to those found online.

If you're from the area and you haven't been, I highly recommend both. They're awesome stores and if you have planted tanks and fish, you'll definitely leave with new friends, and it won't break the bank!

But I guess my question is this:

Are there more stores like this around SF that are maybe a shrimp-dedicated store or stocks lots of shrimp and shrimp accessories (but don't have to be if they have ridiculously low prices on hardware/microfish)?



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I love the AFA store! Everytime I go to SF without DH (he works in the city, so sometimes I can find a reason to pick hime up from work) I visit the store. I only wish I could afford more because they do carry a lot of cool thing there.


I've only been to 2 other LFSs. One is All about Fish in Pleasant Hill and another is Concord Aquarium. I don't like AAF. I only was there once but they sell sick fish and don't care about it. I didn't see any shrimp at all when I was there (I only speak about freshwater fish/shrimp, don't know about saltwater). Concord Aquarium is different. The owner of the store is always there, he knows his stuff. A few times I saw and once bought red cherries in there. But the name was Super Red Taiwan shrimp, so nobody knows for sure what they are. But they did look like at least Fire Red. I think he imports from Indonesia.



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You have to check out Ocean Aquarium in the tenderloin. It's a small hole in the wall hidden gem in one of the not so greatest parts of town. The owners Justin and Addie are super nice and helpful. All their tanks are all planted and they have a great healthy selection of tropical freshwater fish. Dispite the name it's all freshwater aquaria. If you like betta fish they have tons. Usually they carry several types of shrimp as well. e888180cccf99f2a5b9be5839f74af2b.jpg

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Thanks, mayphly. I'm around the tenderloin a lot! I'm surprised I haven't been! Thanks for the tip

Also, I didn't know you were Bay Area mayphly! Greetings from Santa Cruz! Maybe I can come pick up some shrimp from you in the near future!!! [emoji5]

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