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Glass algae vs Non Glass Algae Poll

Do you find glass algae helps shrimplets?  

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  1. 1. Do you use glass algae to increase survival of shrimplets?

    • I have glass algae, and my shrimplets do well.
    • I *do not* have glass algae, and my shrimplets do well.

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I have algae on all 3 sides and only scrape the front so I can see inside.  My shrimps are always on the glass sides eating.  I believe its the light that makes it grow.  I have just a regular bulb in my tank hood and the algae grows fast with this light, which is on for 10 hours a day.

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I had algae when my tank was young. I used a scrubber and cleaned it. Then nerites started to do their job better or my tank just got mature and everything went to a balance. I don't have the algae now and stopped cleaning the tank since last september or October. But I'm not sure how well my shrimpets are doing even though I said they're doing well. I have red neo's in there and I think they're fine (but slow down during winter). But now that my TB's started breeding I don't think their babies doing that well. I don't see many shrimplets. Or maybe my expectationg are too high? But really, I think it comes to 10 survived babies to a TB mama.


(The water parameters in the tank are for TB's not for neo's)

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