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amano + OEBT


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I love Amanos but I had a group of them holding their own in a large tropical tank with pretty large fish.  I would be worried they wouldnt let your shrimp have any food and if they got hungry............ (gulp)

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So "Ammanos are totally peaceful" is not true. Are these ghost shrimp bad?

So I will have to catch the 3 in the 55 before neos move in.


bamboo/flower shrimp I though were filter feeders and should be safe right?


EDIT: Never mind about the bamboo. It didn't survive 48 hours (other was DOA). Pretty orange shrimp while it lasted. Last night it was having a hard time swimming and was having seizures so I figured it would be dead by dawn and it was.

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I think it depends on the Amano.   I don't think they would go on a killing spree  with your shrimp, but I also wouldn't put it past them to eat a vulnerable shrimp once they got a taste for it.   Mine would eat anything and didnt seem to have a preference to algae waffers  and after a while didnt even clean the algae from the tank.    They were fun to watch in the fish tank but  having had them in the fish tank, and seen their behavior  I have never added them to my shrimp tanks even though I like them. 

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