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WTB Black Sakura Shrimps


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 I've seen very dark blue that looks close to black, and I have some dark green Nessies that look close to black.   Chocolate rose/diamond is actually very dark chocolate, and occasionally a carbon is fully covered that has coloration close to black, but a solid black strain doesn't exist that I've seen (in the USA anyway.)


Overseas I've seen a fire black strain which looked to be a real black...


But things always pop up to surprise me with shrimp, so maybe there's a small breeder who has developed a strain I don't know about yet.

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Are we talking about black diamonds here, as I seem to get a few breeding out in most batches of blue diamonds/ blue dreams? 

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I took some RCS that seem more redder then the norm, and breed it with a some high grade chocolates and out of that I breed it with some high grade blue diamond, I say out of 15 shrimplets about 5 or less may be black, they look between a dark dark purple to me. but its hard to tell with the lighting and position of the shrimp.


I would say the blue diamond/ blue wizard whatever you call them make them go darker. I got my blue diamonds from my shrimp guy, he got them from a Taiwan breeder.

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