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So one of my carbon rilis had a few babies and now the tankis having hydra problems. I'm worried that the hydras will eat them and chemicals might kill them. Did a 50% wc. Anyone has suggestions? Much appreciated, thanks!

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I dipped a wet bamboo skewer about 1/4" in it and dosed it right in front if my filter outlet. Took 4-5 days but they all disappeared and i lost no TBs. Did a big 70% or so water change afterwards.

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As repsaJ mentioned above the liquid goat de wormer is fantastic. Its easy to accurately dose. Hopefully you can get it shipped to Malaysia. I dosed 1ml for a 40 gallon tank. The hydra was barely visible after 20 hours. I forgot to shut off my drip system while medicating and the results were still great. Here a pic of the bottle. This dosing was for a 10% solution bottle.


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