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I will be stocking my 6 gallon edge soon, and curious which direction I should go with.


I really wanted to go with Orange Neo Shrimps, but curious how true do they breed?  


Also from what I understand, you can keep tigers with Neos, but tigers are more aggressive when it comes to feeding. Do you guys recommend having the Neo Shrimp in the tank first, and let them colonize before adding tigers?

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Tigers are fine with neos. I have them together in multiple tanks and they get along just fine. I always started with neos and added the tigers a bit later. Not sure about orange neos though, never owned or looked into them yet.

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Are tangerine tigers more orange than orange neos?

My tangerine tiger tend to be different shades of orange. I think if you can find orange neos that are more orange than TT. I think they're called "pumpkin orange neos".

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