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Too hard water for Crayfish?

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Just trying to get some opinions from others.


On another forum, a person is thinking of getting a crayfish, but they aren't sure if their water is too hard.



Their pH is 8.2 and GH is said to be 20 (I assume 20 German degrees = 20 dGH = 333.4 ppm GH)


I will double check if their other water parameters and tank conditions are suitable.


Just trying to help get them some answers from the knowledgeable invert folk here :)


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Don't know for sure, but I would think it's a blue morph of Procambarus clarkii or Procamabrus alleni (both care specs would be pretty much the same I think).


But I've found this site listing Blue Crayfish




Haven't found many care specs, but this one (yeah I know it's a wiki page) states 8-18*dGH



Even if no one has experience with this particular invert, has anyone experienced keeping other inverts (dwarf shrimp, prawns, snails, etc) a couple or few more German degrees of Hardness out of their max General Hardness range?

Can they handle it being that much harder? Or would they still die from it being too hard?


If kept at that higher GH, would using Iodine/Iodide still be recommended or not?

Would not using Iodine be better so the minerals are not absorbed as much, which might be better since the GH is already well high enough?

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