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Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp Orange Eye


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4 Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp Orange Eye 

Selling Price: $90 + shipping 

Selling size:  4 shrimps, 0.8 cm  - 1.2 cm

More available upon request. 


Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp  have been crossed with black tigers and orange eye blue tigers and cross back a few times. They breed true, and show a deep beautiful blue color unlike any other shrimps. Coloration covers the entire body and legs. 


We have been breeding shrimp over years, with quality and health gene pool. Check out My Blog for more information about to take care and breed shrimp:


My water parameters:

  • pH about 7.0
  • gH 5-6
  • kH 1-2
  • TDS 120-150


  • Main food: Shirakura Ebidama/Ebidama Special Shrimp food
  • Supplement food: Hikari Shrimp Cuisine, Algae Klebsormidium Sp. 


  • Kordon Breathing bag
  • Well insulated
  • Professional packed


  • USPS Priority Express Mail. Shipping Fee depends on destination, would be from $25.00 - $40.00. Signature required.
  • Priority shipping $15.00, where weather permits.
  • Fedex overnight available if needed, please contact me for rate. 

Feel free to email me your shipping address for shipping quote, and combined shipping.


Guarantee and Return Policy:

Under normal conditions, DOA is rare, if the mail gets there in 2-3 days. Someone has to be available to receive and bring indoor the package. **It's not safe to leave package outdoor**.


For area with extreme hot/cold weather, I would recommend:

  • Hold for pick up at post office  (phone number required)
  • Express mail, signature required.

100% Live arrival guarantee for first attempt overnight express shipping. 


If DOA happens, contact me within two hours after delivery, a clear picture with shrimps in original package is required


If you fail to contact me in a timely manner, guarantee voids.


Return can be either refund or new shipment. Buyer is responsible for reshipping fee, and original shipping fee paid is non refundable.



  • My paypal dreamer_yoyo@hotmail.com
  • When sending payment, please make sure shipping address is updated, and add a note of what item/items you get.
  • Other payment method available, feel free to contact me for options. 

Need shrimp Food and other supplies? Check out my other items. Combined shipping available.


Thank you for visiting!





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