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Blood Mary Neo Shell Problem

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Hi all,

I purchased this Blood Mary from a now understood poor shrimp company in US. This morning I found another dead with same shell issue I had noted a couple days ago.


Today, I am seeing this one with the same shell problem. I also can see some darkening around their head. What do you think?


I have a 3G JBJ Picotope

Fluorite Substrate

Ph low 7's (I don't check daily)

0 Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrites

TDS 180 give or take 10 on any given day

I use RO water to top off daily (my cat drinks a lot of water from the tank). I haven't used a remineralized because my Nurtrafin testing results : GH is 6 (meaning 6 drops to change water color when testing) and KH 4 (meaning 4 drops to change water color when testing)


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I normally see that dark area in shrimp that are older in age. The discoloration does not mean the shrimp will die right away, but it is getting up there in age and might naturally come to an end soon. 


Best advice ask for juvies any time you buy. Young shrimp acclimate much better and you know for a fact that you have a good chance of a mix group of males/females.

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I personally do not think they are Bloody Mary. They don't have red legs and their bodies aren't all solid red. Shrimp USA sold them. One of them arrive with Scul Japonica that I had to treat and decided to treat whole tank since the bulk were from them. I have three Royal Blue Tigers with orange eyes doing AMAZING from AlphaProBreeders and nearly two dozen shrimplets doing great. So the only ones doing poorly are the ones from ShrimpUSA. I have two sakuras from a LFS that are also doing well. 

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I'm very sorry to hear about this...


I was considering buying some bloody mary from ShrimpUSA, but ultimately went with Blue Crown Aquatic and soshrimp from AB/eBay. Highly recommended, if you were looking to buy different ones. 

I'm really glad you did not buy from ShrimpUSA. I will definitely remember those sellers. Thanks for the heads up. 

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I made an order from shrimp USA coming in wends day. Did you email the man? I have been emailing him back and forth and he said that he has qaurintined them for the past 3 weeks. Seems like a nice guys! I hope all of mine come in alive and in good shape. Will get back when they arrive.

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Do you have mulberry trees in the US?


I was having HEAPS of dramas with them dying during moulting, now I give them 1 mulberry leaf per week and literally haven't lost any at all.


We have a big tree on a farm near us, and I just put a big fresh leaf in a dish and pour a kettle full of boiling water on it then leave it for 5-10 minutes.


They seem to leave it for a day, then every shrimp in the tank will be on it until it's completely gone except for the "bones".


Apparently this plant has the highest count of a really good calcium that helps their shell. I get big perfect moults almost every time I do a water change now, which used to cause deaths.


Hope that helps.

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