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Cherry shrimp identification (pictures)

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I have some cherries that were sold as "Bloody Mary shrimp". They've been breeding for about a year now and I've noticed a lot of less desirable grades of cherry start to show up. I've been starting to cull, but I'd like some help judging what grade I have to begin with. I took a few pictures of some of my shrimp with varying degrees of color. I've tried to gather information about cherry grading and know that the opacity of the last female and the stripe on the back of the second female are not as desirable. Is there a book or website everyone refers to for grading standards? I've seen a few charts floating around this forum, but that's it. Thanks for the help! 


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BM do not have a grading scale as of now due to their inconsistency of different shades of reds. From what i notice from my BM colony is they tend to color up late as juvies to adult. What may look like a lightly colored BM may in fact turn to a very decent BM in my experience.

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BMs in general are usually a deep red but if tilted at an angle you can see right through them. The second female you are referring to with a "stripe" down the back actually looks to be simply the saddle, unless your referring to the dotting to the tail. Which could actually go away with molts.


BMs you will have to find out what you like the most, and start culling to that specificity. 

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