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Took The Plunge


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Hi Guys and Gals,


   Well I finally did it.  Got over my concerns regarding all the scary info and hazards on raising shrimp. (PH,GH,KH,DDT,IRS ect.parameters)  When I ordered new Dimi's from Wyggles/Gills I asked about some culls and low and behold I got some Blue Dreams.  VERY COOL CRITTERS !!  Moving around in my Guppy tank with my CPOs I couldn't be more pleased watching them scare the heck out of the crays, and the crays bolting backwards. Beautiful shrimp from W/G and only hope I can breed quality animals like they do. 


   I appreciate all the information everybody shares on this site and still looking at past posts.  I have personally asked several members for help and they were there to help me out with immediate answers including follow ups.  Looking forward to continue learning from and with everybody.






   P.S.  Wife asked to PLEASE not start any new tanks.  Wishing her good luck with that.

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Welcome oem! We are glad to have you.


Glad you took the plunge you certainly will not be disappointed. 

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