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Mars dried ocean- fish find?

Soothing Shrimp

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NASA shared a raw image online Wednesday from the Curiosity rover's left navigation camera. The rover scanned the bottom of a now dry ocean bed even bigger than the Arctic Ocean here on Earth.

If you look closely, you can see an object near the bottom center of the image that looks an awful lot like something you would see swimming around in a lake.

mars fish.jpg

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Yeah, it has the shape of a fish, but I highly doubt it's an actual fish. Like Steve mentioned, our minds naturally see familiar formations (faces, objects, etc).

We don't know the scale of the pic. That thing could be humongous (could be possible to giant though). And I would think the dead fish's body would of slumped down hugging the ground, rather than appear propped up stiff (though there is wind erosion). Not so sure the skin and flesh (full fish shape, not just skeleton) would of remained fossilized (then again I don't know what sort of cosmic events may have taken that wiped them out, though from the sounds of it, the sun just evaporated/dried up the oceans).

Always cool to think of the possibility of life on other planets though (there is good reason to believe so!).

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