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Dark Blue Shrimp ID


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Just looking for an ID on the dark blue shrimp in video

Asking for another person, they got these dark blue shrimp and they don't know if the shrimp are Neocaridina or Caridina. 

What do you think they are? Just a blue diamond/wizard Neo?

He says they keep dying, though he's not sure if that is because of the high temps, 80-82*F normal and was 86*F last week to kill ich, or if the deaths are due to incorrect water params.

Just looking to get an ID. I will be sure to tell him the temps are high and then mention what correct water params should be for that type of shrimp.

Here is the original thread (note the pic in thread is not of actual shrimp)


Here is a video of the actual shrimp (the eyes are white due to flash, he says the eyes are not orange like Tigers have)


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19 minutes ago, Soothing Shrimp said:

I don't think they are neos.  I can't get the vid to work on my computer without flash, but they look like normal eyed royals with the first couple seconds. (?)


hard to tell with the bright light on their eyes, but yes could be tigers also. 

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