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FS/trade: Caridina sulawesi Malaya Blue, Orange Sakura, Electric Blue Crayfish


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First offering here on ShrimpSpot.  I do have some older feedback on Aquabid under 'newellc' if you want to check it out, go ahead.  Anyway, I have the following available.  Please PM me if interested.  I am interested in some Golden Back Yellows, Chocolate, Greens, and maybe other stuff that you have.  In the near future, I should have some Black Tigers (BTOE) and I could probably scrape together a smaller package of Crystal Blacks or PRLs. 


Caridina sulawesi Malaya Blue, $35/10.  They are juveniles. 

Orange Sakura, $30/10.  They are juveniles/sub-adults.

Electric Blue Crayfish, procambarus alleni, $20/6.  These are less than a week old now.  The picture is from the day they were born.  In addition to these being very young, I need to clear out some of these - that's why they are so inexpensive...  The other pictures are of the parents.

Endler's Livebearer, $12/young pair or $22/ 2 young pair and several juveniles.  This is the original collection variety that I've had and kept since the late 90's. 


The pictures aren't great, but will have to do for now.  All of these offerings are kept in Detroit tap water (100ppm, 7-7.2, 72-74 degrees F), none should be fussy unless your water is waaay off. 


I can ship beginning next week on Monday - weather permitting.  $12 priority shipping to lower 48 USA only.  I have pretty standard policies for DOA.  Picture in the bag within 1 hour of delivery.  Delivery must be made on first attempt and within 72 hours from shipment.  DOA is for stock only, shipping charges will apply for second shipment.  There may be extras.  If extras cover dead arrivals, there will be no refunds or re-shipments. 

caridina sulawesi malaya blue young smaller.jpg

caridina sulawesi malaya blue smaller.jpg

Orange Sakura2 smaller.jpg

P alleni electric blue cray closeup smaller.jpg

P alleni electric blue cray smaller.jpg

Electric Blue Cray babies smaller.jpg

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3 minutes ago, nightshadebel said:

Are the sulawesi shrimp like malawa? 

I think I copied a typo.  "This species is called the malawa shrimp blue variation." but the picture caption says "Malaya".  I got my stock from Rob at Flip Aquatics.  I hope that helps.

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I wish he had a retail shop.  He is only twenty minutes from me.  One of the guys in the Youngstown Club has been helping him set things up and had some interesting ideas in the setup.(lighting and filters)  Hoping to see him at the Spring Auction on the 17th.

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I can't say for sure that he is a member, but he knows about Shrimpspot and knows some of the contributors.  He works and is trying to work on his business.  He does do youtube updates, he is 'Lupdiesel', so you can hear about his shrimp and fish there.  OEM, I made the Youngstown auction last fall and had a chance to visit with Rob.  He also made the Aquatic Experience in Chicago last year.  The forums are great but there are advantages to getting out and meeting people.

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Now, back to your sales thread. LOL

We do have emails back and forth.

Rob a great guy and helps me when I have question [emoji51].

I know he just started an online store. Oem you could probably contact him and check if you could meet him and buy shrimps.

He is all for the hobby and a good guy.

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Haha, very cool to see Rob has already made a good impression on many people. I will message him to join the forum (or become more active). He really seems like a humble guy and looks like he would already be welcomed with open arms :)

But yep, anyways, sorry to derail your thread Newellcr. What water parameters do you keep your Malaya shrimp in? (just curious is all - not buying)

I am assuming that low order shrimp (larval stage) can't crossbreed with higher order shrimp (such as other Sulawesi Caridinas like Cardinals and Harlequins), correct?

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