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History of shrimp strains?

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Every once in a while I post this thread.  I keep hoping they'll be information one day (or even a book) on who originally invented what shrimp strain and the histories behind them. 

Does anyone have any information?

It seems a shame that all the hard work gets lost.

I guess I'll go first.

DBV- Years ago, I received Blue Velvets from an importor named Speedie.  These were ice blue and the newest color in neos at the time.  I selectively bred them for a couple years to bring out a darker blue (what would be considered medium blue now) and released them to hobbyists as DBV.  Shortly thereafter all kinds of strains labeled DBV popped up I had nothing to do with. LOL

Nessie- I bought a blue pigmented shrimp mutation thrown from Fire Reds several years ago.  The owner of the blue mutation would often switch the strain name to see which would sell better, and I honestly don't know if he ever landed on a steady name or not.  I bred these for about a year, during which some weird green pigmented ones would randomly appear.  I dumped the blue project because of space and concentrated on these strangely pigmented greens. When I was able to stabilize this weird strain years later, I released these to hobbyists as Nessie. 

I would love to have other histories here in one place.  Anyone?

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