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Snail ID Please


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I think it's a trumpet snail but not sure. I don't have any other snails that look like this. Anyone know what kind it is?


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maybe it's just a different color trumpet. I've never seen one this dark in my tanks before

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From the size of it and how it looks to be burrowing, I would say it's probably a trumpet.

I have seen a wide variety of different looking trumpets. It seems the different shelled trumpets are different species of the Melanoides genus (just consider that genus as trumpets). Looking it back up, it seems Melanoides tuberculata is the "common" MTS. My LFS however gets in the same one you have in the pic all the time, looks like they might be M. maculata. 

I guess there is a slight possibility it's a young rabbit snail (Tylomelania) as I've seen them with identical colored shells as well. But they get much larger. Looks like they have deeper engraving on their shells. Pretty sure they'd be easy to tell apart based on the body/flesh. Rabbit snails can burrow from what I have heard, but don't do so nearly as much.

I'm no expert on snails though!

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Well.. Good to know. For a minute I thought it could be a Tylo zemis mini which look similar. Thanks for the info!

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