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Shrimp ID help plz.

Mr. F

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In my never ending quest to fortify my Fire Red Cherry line, I was buying 10 PRF/fire RCS from a LFS and the owner decided to just redo the whole tank cuz there were only about 10 shrimp in there. I ended up walking out with 12-14 (can't remember it was weeks ago) and only got charged for 9 at $2.5 a piece. Nice!

Anyway, the owner told me there might be a tiger shrimp in there. Turned out there was one orange shrimp and another pale orange shrimp (not like I've ever seen, almost like a bolt coloration, but orange and probably neo) amongst the Reds.

Anyway, for a while I have been looking at the breeder I've been holding them in before culling and hadn't seen him, but just today I noticed this guy:


I didn't think it was a tiger because I haven't seen one like this, but I have never kept any before. What do you think it is? Just a pretty WT neo or a clear tiger?

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The stripes are yellowish brown and the "line" above the swimmerettes is bright red.

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It could be a wild colored cherry.

That's what I'm thinkin, just never seen a cherry completely clear with those goldish stripes and cheek dotting. Just making sure before I tried cross with mischling for no reason ... lol

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The pale orange could be a "pumpkin" neo. They were quite common about 2-3 years ago, now that I think about it I have not seen any lately.

I'm not sure... It's almost a peach color. Very interesting. I'll put up a pic later.

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