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How To Leave Feedback or Check Seller's Feedback

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I've been asked how to place feedback for a seller or buyer, and thought it may be a help to share with others here, too.


To Leave Feedback

Go to our main page and look at the browse tab under the Shrimp Spot banner.


Then click on "feedback" where the red arrow shows.






To Check Feedback

In addition, you are able to check on feedback left from others by clicking on the seller's member avatar, and clicking on the feedback tab from their profile page.


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Be sure to help out your fellow shrimpers and leave feedback! Whether it be positive, neutral, or negative, many members rely on these comments to help them make informed decisions when purchasing shrimps, plants, snails, and other items. 

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Thank you Bryce! I also would like to add one other item since the updated site. When filling out the "Feedback" form, the topic section requires you to begin typing the name of the topic for which you purchased your shrimp, plants, etc. Once you begin typing it will auto-populate a list for you to choose. You can't just simply enter in the URL and expect it to populate.

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Is it just me or does anyone notice that since we got the new "FEEDBACK SYSTEM" I find that people are not leaving feedback for me... where I know they are happy because they thanked me... Seems like its the same people who use the feedback feature - or maybe people are just not taking the time to leave feedback anymore? 

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