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Antennae length - Sexing shrimp

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I came across a few posts last night on SKF that discuss using shrimp antennae length as a tool to help determine the sex of a shrimp?  I had never heard of this........am wondering if this is still regarded as effective practice?


It is noted that this should just be used as a "confirmation" tool to draw a conclusion based on other factors (body shape, curvature), but the general thought process is that:

- males have antennae length ~2x body length

- females have antennae length less than 1.5 times body length (1-1.5x)





Also noted is difficulty in sexing juvenile shrimp via this method, as their antennae aren't fully formed.




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Very interesting. I have never heard of this until now, after looking through a bunch of my pictures I can tell you for certain my females certainly have extremely short antennae. 

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