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Hi! I just got my first ghost shrimp. Never raised them before. I only started off with one, will add more later. 

Before getting my shrimp, I tested the water and everything was perfect. Water temp is a constant 69, I have live plants in there too. 

My shrimp has been hiding out behind a rock all day! He has hardly moved, and isn't active at all. Is there something wrong? Is it just the shock? He's been in there for about 5 hours. Was swimming around right after I put him in. 

Please help!! Thanks!

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It's a nano tank. He's the only critter in there. 

My water parameters:

ph: 7.8 constantly

temp: 69 constantly

chlorine/chloramines: 0


I also have an air pump powered filter.

I acclimated him by floating the bag for about 5 mins an then drip acclimation. 


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Well, for starters- let's put something over the filter inlet so that won't happen again. heh  Han sells stainless steel inlet covers so shrimp won't get sucked in, or you can use a sponge.


Sometimes they just need time to adapt as well.


How long has your tank been cycled?

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The beneficial nitrifying bacteria colony will only grow to the size that will support the bioload. Shrimps have very little bioload, so you would only build a very tiny amount of nitrifying bacteria, and that amount of bacteria would not be enough to support even one fish.

I would recommend dosing ammonia (ammonium hydroxide or ammonium chloride) with no fish or shrimp (return the shrimp or keep in another tank/container and do occasional water changes, add airstone) in the tank (fishless). That way you can dose enough ammonia to grow a bacteria colony large enough to support a higher bioload/fishload.


EDIT: Oh, just saw it's a 2 gallon "tank"? I am personally not a fan of having fish in such small tanks (just not enough room). But regardless a little shrimp's bioload is much less than one fish's bioload.

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