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Is there a difference between these two API products?

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If you look at the second picture of the first item, it shows the second item. It's probably just new packaging.

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They both are the same test kits. One just shows an alternate (older?) image of the product. And as Mr. F mentioned, the first link does show the second picture being the same as the first link.


Either way, the received item should be new/not expired and so it should be good to use (my API GH/KH test kit is of the second image is only a year old and not expired).

If you are purchasing more items for a total over $25 then get the cheaper one, if not, get the other one. Or shop on another site (eBay, Kensfish, etc)

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one made in canada and other in france??

product packaging may be different in other countries.

if there're made in the same country,most likely the same thing.

if made in different countries,it can be made differently.

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Item #1 is provided by Amazon , while item #2 is provided by private companies and "fulfilled" by Amazon.  They still seem to be the same API kits and #2 provided in French for our friends north of US.

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