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Benibachi Gold


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I bought a small sample of this food and I have re-named it "shrimp crack."

They go crazy over it.


As an experiment, I put a few pieces of kens pellets, sera pellets, shrimp king loops, and some shrimp crack. All of them immediately went for the shrimp crack. It was pretty comical. 


They will grab a whole pellet and run away with it. It doesn't dissolve quickly in the water. And it fits perfectly in their little claws.


So this food is shrimp approved. At least Malaya approved anyway.


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Hey there.

I know this is an old post, but as I too have recently purchased the Benibachi Gold, I want to let you know that my shrimp love it.  They had the exact same reaction that Shrimphug described.  The only comparison to how the shrimp reacti is CSF Omni Pro.

I also got the Mineral Gold for Tigers.  That comes in a powdered form and they advise using it twice a week.  Quite honestly, I don't know exactly how to determine its effectiveness, as I don't have the tank space to run a controlled experiment.  It's just part of the food that goes into a very broad rotation.

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