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Caridina propinqua

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 Orange Bee?


saw this and wonder if its really a Card or a Neo





this is the description:

Caridina propinqua---Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Caridina genus, medium sized rostrum curved toward the bottom. The background colouration is an intense orange and the body is transparent. The body is also lightly dotted with red. A coma shaped dot red or brown is visible on the third segment of the abdomen. Aslo goes by the name of: Orange Celebesgarnele Caridina sp. Orange Caridina sp. Orange Borneo Caridina sp. Mandarine Sunkist Tangerine Shrimp

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I just looked them up now. I would guess that it is indeed part of the Caridina genus.

Read one source saying they are found in Sulawesi. Is it just me, or does the "nose" look longer like many Sulawesi Caridina have?


I saw this one of this that had a short rostrum



Water parameters seem to be wide range or just inaccurate with a slapped on "general Neo" params.


I guess you could try getting them and see if they crossbreed with Neos. Or Caridinas (not sure how adaptable they would be to Taiwan Bee params).

I'm no credible judge, but I'm leaning toward it being Caridina.

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My lfs had these a few years ago. They were listed as "Sunkist" shrimp. I didn't get any because they were expensive and I probably would have killed them. lol!

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Bob's (above link) had them for less than $3 a piece. I saw when "Bob" first got them in a little over a year ago and that was the same price I believe. Though one year vs a few years back prices could have been a whole lot different, especially if it was new to the hobby. When I was looking them up, seems they are fairly available (found a few sellers) overseas and appear pretty affordable as well.


Surprised there isn't more info. and pictures on them. With breeders always trying to create a new buzzing crossbreed exotic shrimp, you'd think these would have at least been documented about attempting to cross them. I'd imagine these would make for some pretty cool looking crosses.


I think a couple of my LFS had some orange shrimp with a label saying Sunkist shrimp, but I'm pretty sure they were just orange Neos (no red pigment) and not these shrimp in question. Will have to take a closer look next time I'm in though.

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Caridina propinqua is a low order shrimp, which means that they breed similar to Amanos. I had them for quite some time, and they would get berried, but nothing beyond that. I tired using Mosura Shrimpton to see if that would change anything, but not really. I never had the patience or the space to run a brackish breeding experiment.

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