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Need help with tank cycle :)

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It goes from 4ppm NH4 to 0 well within 24 hours? Then you should be done :)

Your nitrates are probably pretty high now, right? Just do a nice big water change, retest everything to be safe, and you should be good to go!


Also... If you're not planning to add livestock right away, make sure you keep feeding the bacteria or you'll lose them.

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Oh I see. I just misread the info of fishless cycle. When ammonia is gone in 24h, it's safe now. Do I need to add a bunch of livestock to produce enough ammonia to feed the bacteria? like 10-20 shrimp.Kolobok_getdown.gif

Yes, but the amount depends how big the tank is. 10-20 is a good number to start for a 5-10 gallon. Also snails do a good job of eating everything and pooping a lot, so they're expert cycle-keepers.

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You can add pure ammonia without addatives such as detergents.


Sice you said your system can handle 4ppm, don't go above that- and you may even consider below that.

Do I have to repeat it everyday?

I recently set up a new tank with ADA amazonia. It was 13 days, but I didn't get nitrite bacteria. Dosed seachem stability in first 7 days and used MK-breed gold and silver for the substrate. Temp is 86.7F. Thanks

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