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Seattle shrimp


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you have to go to Aquarium Zen. 64th and Roosevelt? Not that many shrimp, I traded those for supplies...  He is a ADA supplier, he got soil and tanks.  Mostly planted tank stuff. He's got a lot of plants. Go look at his webpage.  The cleanest shop I ever been in.  Not many shrimp stores around...  just poor grade crs.  When I have bought shrimp around Seattle, it's mostly craigslist.  Never seen Taiwan bee's for sale.


for eats?  Wally's in Des Moines, all you can eat lunch fish and chips.  The Feast in Renton, lunch buffet, all you can eat sushi, salmon, best to eat the sushi when it comes out.  I don't go to highend places...

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Aquarium Zen is a great store if you are into planted tanks/aquascapes. Steve Waldron (owner), is a really nice guy. His store is getting worldwide recognition, so he's doing things right! It's not that big, but it's clean and nice healthy tanks. As mentioned his main focus is on plants, and smaller tank livestock, but he does carry some rarer fish species. He tries to source most of his plants and livestock from local breeders/growers as well. Not many shrimps, but he does have some. Don't quite recall what though, just remember seeing a bunch of snowball Neos. Don't know if he has any Bees. You could always give him a call and ask before making the trip. But if you are really into plants, a trip just to look at everything may be worth it.




Not really any big shrimp stores in Western Washington really. Midway Tropical Fish and Pets in Kent, WA (south of Seattle, more like Des Moines), has the most variety of dwarf shrimp though. They get in some of the cheaper Taiwan Bees (don't expect to find any super High grade, Pintos, or any TB over $20 online price though), Crystals, Tigers, Neos. Last time I was in, they did have in some Yellow Cheek Sulawesi though! Can't say their tanks are all too healthy though... Prices are ehh, to be expected from a LFS though.


Sierra Fish and Pets in Renton, WA, has 10 or 12 nano tanks that they stock with various shrimp. Not all too healthy there either. If considering fish here, be weary as disease risks can be high as Petco/Petsmart tanks. Nano tanks though are ran by individual sponge filters, but still, not that great condition.


Aquarium Co-op in Edmonds, WA (quite a ways North of Seattle) is a pretty good place. Cory (owner) keeps his tanks clean and healthy. He quarantines all incoming livestock. He even breeds quite a lot of the fish himself. Check out his Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/AquariumCoop

He mainly carries smaller community tank fish and plants, but I am pretty sure he does have some shrimp. Likely just Neos, but you can give him a call to find out.


He puts a lot of time into the hobby and I respect that he is upfront and honest about things in the hobby. He won't sell/stock any products he personally wouldn't use himself. He is in it for the hobby, not to scheme anyone just to make profit.


Denny's Pet World in Kirkland, WA. I've still never been to it so I don't know if they carry shrimp, but it looks big and seems the reviews are good. Not sure how big the fish department is though. 


There is a newer store that opened up in Federal Way, WA. I haven't been there yet, but they say they carry shrimps. No idea what varieties though.



You could maybe ask the local club GSAS (Greater Seattle Aquarium Society) for local Seattle shrimp keepers/breeders. Some of them are on WAFishBox forum. Probably not too active though.


Honestly, you are better off just sticking to buying from keepers/breeders online, on this forum or just buy from local breeders, not a LFS. LFS prices are higher, disease risks can be higher, and you won't really find anything special that you can't get online. Aquarium Zen may be worth a trip to though :) If you are driving up from Cali, Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland, Oregon is a place I'd stop by. It's huge, good prices, rarer fish, they do have some inverts, and from the thousands I've spent there, their livestock health has been top notch. Lol, this turned a lot longer than I expected.



Oh yeah, iconic food spots are Beth's Cafe in North Seattle, near Green Lake (The 12 egg omelette with hashbrownssssss) and there are several locations for the restaurant called D!CK'S (greasy, but good :D). Feast Buffet in Renton, WA as mentioned is a good Asian Buffet. The largest in the Northwest that I know of, most food selection, tastes pretty good for a buffet, but can be a little pricey for Dinner (not too bad though). Their dim-sum is better than most restaurants. There's Joe's Crab Shack in Seattle, but ehhh, it's just expensive seafood. Seattle Pike Place Market is where they throw around the frozen fish :P 

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Lol. Midway doesn't look very pretty, but I'd say they get the most variety of fish and shrimp in the area. Their tanks are healthier than Sierra Fish & Pets (doesn't say too much though :P ). Sierra does carry more products and looks more like a proper store though.


Aquarium Co-op and Aquarium Zen and smaller size stores than those two, but they are cleaner looking stores and have healthier tanks (prices can be a tiny bit higher though).


Nothing too special up here besides Aquarium Zen.

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