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Hey all, I am moving (my wife got a great job in WI) the only hitch seems to be my MTS. I have moved fish before, much further distances, them I can handle (air stone in a 5 gal bucket), but how should I move my shrimp?I am not moving straight into a house, we are staying with a friend for a week or two before we can get into the new place. I have plenty of sponge filters and a solid air pump. I also have 2 - 20g Longs and a 10g that have been broken down. I can use these if necessary.


Here is what I have to move and any suggestions are welcome. I am excluding my fish as I am comfortable moving them.


1 planted long tank with neos - my plan is to drop the water level and put in an air stone coming from my battery operated pump and cling film the top

1 - 2.5 gal caridina tank  sponge operated (condensed down from two tanks for the move) I really don't know from there


Thanks for the advice guys

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One week is going to be a bit of a stretch for shrimp. It has been done in the past by others, but expect possible losses specially if temps & water parameters start to fluctuate too much.


If possible maybe a local friend can hold them for you then you ship/pickup after you settle into new home. Or you can sell what you have and start fresh once you get into new place.

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If you have a month or so 'til you leave, you could have the person you're staying with start up a small tank (or two) so there's a cycled tank waiting for you. Then ship yourself the shrimp so they arrive when or after you get there. Take the rest of the equipment all broken down, no need for life support, and rebuild it when you get there. If you leave the substrate, sponge filters, and everything wet enough, the cycle should be pretty quick.

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so after the move it wasn't as bad as expected, though I did loose my first berried CRS ? and a shadow panda. The heat didn't help and was likely the culprit.


thanks for all the suggestions


meanwhile my neos were like "what? We moved?" Here is a berried bb red rili looking fab today


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That does bring up a good question on how to maintain a consistent temp during a move like this? 

Breather bags and a good insulation. It's hot, small ice packs with a a few layers of newspaper or some insulation between, not directly on m, the shrimp. Same if it's cold but with a heat pack.
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