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Best flake food?

Soothing Shrimp

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Omega one is good. But after listening to an interview from Marc Weiss that Ivan mikolji gave him. I'm not so sure about any type of flake or pellet food, and some of the claims they make.


He talks about how they claim to use probiotics, but when they heat the food it destroys anything that's alive in the culture. And how fish don't really eat plants but they need the microbes that grow on the plants and that's the only way they can get the certain types. Also about how fish food goes bad after three months of opening it and to keep it in the fridge. There is some very interesting info here I'm going to actually try to make this recipe he gives because he knows what he is talking about. It definatly put things into perspective.

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If you can get the HBH flake or pellet foods, I like them better than the Omega One (which I do like also, way better than Tetra). They are really quite something, great quality, great price, no preservatives, something for every kind of fish. They make a wonderful veggie flake, which is rare (most others have fish meal as a primary ingredient). My issue is that they're typically sold in large quantities relative to the amount of fish I am feeding. I don't like to keep fish food for long periods of time, and I prefer to feed a variety, so even the smallest amount I can purchase is too much.

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Cool. I'll watch that soon. I just bought 1 lb of Omega One Freshwater in the meantime.

I use omega one for my Discus, I only feed in between meals. I'm not too worried about it having false claims. I make my own food for the others so I'm positive to what is in it.


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I recieved a reply to my email to cobalt aquatics and this was there answer.

"Thank you for your interest and questions about Cobalt Aquatics foods.

Sadly, there are many people in the aquatics world that speak and write about things that they really know little about.

Cobalt’s probiotics are mixed into the slurry with the other ingredients, just prior to the cooking/flaking process.

Our probiotics have a higher terminal (read death) temperature than the temperature we cook/flake our foods, to make sure we have viable bacteria in our end product. In addition we cook our foods at lower temperatures than other fish food manufacturers, not only for the bacteria, but for better nutritional value of the other ingredients as well (think about over cooking vegetables and the loss of nutrition that happens in that case). Our end product foods are then tested by outside labs to ensure we are meeting our 1,000,000 CFU’s/gram claims on our packages, and we always meet or exceed this value.

I hope this addresses some of your concerns, and please let me know if you have any further questions. If you happen to be going to the ACA show next month, I will be speaking on fish nutrition at the show, lots more info there in that talk!


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I found a segment les Wilson, founder of cobalt aquatics, and old marine land employee had done for pet x talks. He talks about fish nutrition. So once again. Lol here's another video, let me know if you want the videos to stop guys,


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i get the vast majority of my food from kens fish.  captain bob is the other place i get my food. he makes it himself and sells it. ive know bob for years and used his food alot. fish love it and its full of good stuff for them. tell him wicca sent ya lol



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