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species category?

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I know people have different species

Neo,card,tb etc.

If we make specific category for infor.

Some have great knowledge for neo.

Someone have tiger.tb,tiber,pinto.

I think it's easy to navigate forum.

Just my opinion. ..

Thank you

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Thank for thinking how to improve the forum! :)


This idea has been brought up before, and maybe when we have a larger member base we can do this.  Two thoughts were expressed however- 1) Some species may not have as many posts as another and thus make that section "look" not as active as the other sections.  and 2) Many people like to read about/be introduced to new care and species they may not have learned about otherwise.


At least that is the current underlying thought...but in the future- who knows?

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I think we can also create tags for different threads and just use the tag function.  I would have to look into this more though.

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Yea I was on a U.K forum that had the threads,like he was talking about. Was on there for about 30 mins and spent all minutes looking for things to read. It was a mess and too many tabs.


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