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New from the Socal LA area


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Hey guys you can call me T

ive been keeping fish for a lil over a decade or so now, Started on the forum Monster Fish Keepers if you guys are familiar with that website. 

Anyways, basically i am a complete NOOB when it comes to shrimp. From what i know is what i see on Youtube "LupDiesal" is very informative along with Mark haha. 

Soo im here to learn a bit from you guys and check out all the cool stuff this community has. 

I currently just got 10 CBS about 3 days ago and been staring heavily!!!!

and any members around the socal area?


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19 minutes ago, chappy6107 said:

welcome T.  glad to have you and you'll gain lots of knowledge around here.  Lots of shrimp keepers here know their stuff.

DAM right ! Many shrimp nuts here for sure. Yes they do know their shit

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Welcome! I'm in So Cal Westminster area!

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