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Plant ID?

Soothing Shrimp

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My first thought is "regular" pellia (not mini)


pellia monosolenium tenerum vs pellia lomariopsis (round pellia = subwassertang)





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While researching, found some interesting info:


" It's actually a fern not a liverwort, pellia is monoselenium tenellum, it's scientific name is probably Lomariopsis lineata and it is not subwasertang it is susswassertang, the german symbol for "ss" looks like a b which is how that mistake was made. "


Anyway, I'm convinced it's not subwassertang because the lobes don't look like this:



Plus, the branches are skinnier and droop.


It may be pellia monosolenium tenerum ?


Can anyone get a close up of the lobes and if their branches droop?


Wondering if it may be possibly Metzgeria conjugata?

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so I looked at my subwassertang which I have it growing under no special light at all, a simple 40 watt bulb to be exact. there seems to be no difference in the branches or close up of the lobes, looks like you may have some other kind of plant there. so light is not a reason for a different form of the branches/lobes

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