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Hello Shrimp Spot folks!


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Hi everyone, I'm Sasha, aka LooksLater. My husband Roy (aka mnemenoi) dragged me into the hobby when we got together (smart guy!) and of course I fell in love right away. He's not bad either.  :D  We run low-tech planted tanks and love nanos and picos...I call them my Invert Candy-Dishes. Him and I have running right now:


150g- Fahaka Puffer planted tank with Giant Danios, Pearl Danios, Diamond Tetras, Siamese algae eaters and a few other odds and ends for the puffer to chase.

105g- Currently fish-sitting some Geos and SA fish for a friend, will be our Tanganyikan tank.

30g- Tanganyikan biotope with neolamp shellies, Goby cichlids, petricolas, tylo snails, etc.

10g- Dutch planted with RCS and various fish that got evicted from other tanks.

8g- Fluval Ebi, planted, with Yellow Neos, Amano and a few Chili Rasboras.

8g- Fluval Flora, planted with Pumpkin Neos, Amano, some Sabwa Resplendens and O-cats. And our lone OEBT.

6g Cube- planted, currently cycling, hopefully for Snowball Neos!

6g bowfront- currently holding Poppa Goby cichlid, so he doesn't go all Cronus and eat his babies.

5g- Fluval Chi, open top...current project getting 'scaped and planned- hopefully for Fire Reds!

2g- Betta tank (Peach Crown-tail)

2g- Son's Betta tank (Blue-black Crowntail)

Oh, and a half-barrel "pond" out back, planted, with 2 female bettas and some RCS. I think that's it? lol.


I'm trying to step up my game this year, try some new Neos, and eventually work my way back into some beautiful Cardinias. It hasn't worked out that well in the past, but I'm learning. We kept OEBT's, and they all slowly died save one-still not sure why. We had CBS in RO water and Brightwell (Houston water is absolute liquid rock), they did well until I forgot about mineralizing for a few months and the pop crashed pretty much overnight. We also had Cardinal shrimp for awhile, lost those when the house got bug-sprayed...broke my heart. But we live and learn.


So, I'm glad to find this spot and meet all of you... See you around the forum!

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